Web Development

This website is my first Web Development project to date, with the HTML and CSS all written by myself. In order to create the website I read 'HTML & CSS' by Jon Duckett, as well as many lifesaving visits to Stack Overflow. I would reccommend the book to anybody who is into web development whether you are a beginner or experienced with HTML and CSS.

Link to book: HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites

I have tried to comment as much as I can of the source in order to make it easier to follow. Being my first Web development project there may be many inefficiencies in my HTML, therefore if you have any suggestions on how I can improve my website feel free to contact me here.

In the future I plan to develop more websites having enjoyed writing this one, but until then I will aim to improve this project as I feel necessary. For the next update of this website I plan to use Javascript to add interactive abilities.